Raiden Project Sets Milestone for Ethereum s Scaling Solution

Works with any token that follows Ethereums standardized token API (ERC20). This article is a great read to grasp how this integration can take Ethereums performance and value to another level. All of this is made possible thanks to a network of peer-to-peer payment channels and deposits. A crash will happen when there is no more value in the cryptocurrency, and given the nature of this investment, the likely cause will be a failing technology.

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Raiden allows users to make micropayments directly between each other. Its pretty clear that if the deployment is successful, the Raiden Network will create even more value for existing Ethereum users and most likely attract new ones.

Analysis of, raiden Network Scalable Transfers for Ethereum

Based on the token sale page, it looks like the 75 million (or around 250,000 Ether) hard cap valuation should occur around October. The goal of the Raiden project is to provide an easy to use conduit for off-chain (i.e.

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This is done by leveraging a network of payment channels which allow to securely transfer value off-chain,.e without involving the blockchain for every transfer. Mainstream applications for the Raiden network are not hard to find either. Compounding the issue is that many ICO tokens are being launched on top of ethereum, bringing in sudden floods of traffic as sales take place.

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Here is a video demoing the developer preview (video is 2:55 long How advanced is the project? As of this publication, the Raiden. In the bitcoin world, there has been a lot of talk about the upcoming Lightning Network.

What is the Raiden Network?

The bios of key members of Brainbot Technologies are listed below: Heiko Hees, Founder CEO core developer of Ethereum since March 2014. Its goal is to research state channel technology, define protocols and develop reference implementations. Users running these services themselves will not need to pay these fees but can earn them instead. Low transaction fees allow to efficiently transfer tiny values. The most recent milestone is crucial in leading the Ethereum network to the next phase of development before the code is finally ready to be launched and rolled out on the public.