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With a sufficiently convincing phishing site and a feature in Chrome known as WebUSB, a hacker could both trick a victim into typing in their username and passwordas with all phishing schemesand then also send a query directly from their malicious website to the victim's. If you do not have your YubiKey with you, click. Logging in to Your Google Account. The first one we'll install is an app that lives on your phone. Now we need to remove our phone number as backup method.

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You can buy it for 18 on Amazon : Once you have a Yubikey, log in to your Gmail in Chrome on a laptop or desktop, and click on the round icon in the upper right of the page to go to your account settings. View more Yubico Solutions for Businesses.

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unfortunately, Google inadvertently introduced a workaround; WebUSB can trick the security key into skipping this process. The Skinny on Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).

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To do this, scroll down after you have added your YubiKey(s) and, under Backup codes, click. And they suggest a simpler solution, too: That users remain wary online, and think twice about where they enter their passwords. YubiKeys provide an additional secret beyond your password when you access your Google Account. You'll see a list of ten numeric codes.

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(If you have multiple phone numbers on your account, delete all of them.). Two weeks ago, in a little-noticed presentation at the Offensive Con security conference in Berlin, security researchers Markus Vervier and Michele Orr detailed a method that exploits a new and obscure feature of Google's Chrome browser to potentially bypass the account protections of any victim. If an attacker can take over your primary email account, they can reset passwords on every other service that uses that email for account recovery. "And then they put in another feature that subverts all the security they'd put in place.". PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.