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Copper or Aluminum Wire Sizes Calculates wire sizes per NEC 310-16 310-17. For motors, it is recommended to multiply the nameplate FLA.25 for wire sizing. NEC compliant with 2017, 2014, 2011, 2008, 2005, 2002, 1999, 1996.

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With this simulation, it is easy to calculate the distance from the screen and the height to which install the projector. In order to properly size a wire for your application, the ampacity ratings for a wire must be understood. Specify cos (load power factor) when load is specified in kW.

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Startpage, products Tools, projector Image, calculator, with this tool you can: Calculate the possible image size (width, height, diagonal) for a given distance (distance). Notes, the cable volt drop calculator uses the impedances from the standard NEC tables. Calculators and, tables pages for a complete list of resources.

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Net price is the difference between the sticker price (full cost minus any grants and scholarships for which students may be eligible. NEC projector and lens. The calculation is performed for each interchangeable lens appropriate to the selected. This site offers many simple-to-use calculators and wire ampacity charts to aide you in properly sizing wire and conduit in compliance with the NEC. One of these wires is a ground wire which can be sized down.

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Parallel Derated Wire Sizes One-button parallel derated wire sizing. For single-phase circuits, three wires are required.

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Mozilla Firefox.0 or later, google Chrome.0 or later, macintosh. Voltage Drop Voltage drop can become an issue for engineers and electricians when sizing wire for long conductor runs. Currently supports AC only.