Microsoft Partners With Blockchain Consortium R3, forbes

To be sure, banks are hedging their bets on distributed ledger technology. Sberbank has previously participated and created in a blockchain pilot and prototype respectively.

Banks pour 107M into blockchain consortium

We wanted to encourage as global a consortium as possible because theres always a risk that you become too country-focused. Subsequently, R3 reportedly refused Sberbanks membership to the consortium. R3 is now uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise. These added technologists should speed up the development. Then you end up making decisions that might work for that one countrys markets.

Marco Polo, a Trade Finance Initiative

Delivering the worlds only blockchain built specifically for the enterprise. The members involved in the raise include Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, TD Bank, bbva, Bank of New York Mellon, Northern Trust, hsbc, Barclays, UBS, Intel and Temasek.

Blockchain Enterprise Firms

And the landscape for the development of blockchain in banking is continually evolving. As early as 2015, Sberbank publicly stated its intent to create blockchain answers with world associates by revealing its drive to join the intercontinental banking blockchain consortium led by New York startup. In addition, the lender will be in a position to influence the enhancement of the platform and its expansion in the company sector. The new operating system for finance and beyond. In an announcement this week, Sberbank grew to become the very first Russian lender to join the EEA and revealed its intent to more Ethereum blockchain answers Russia, although getting access to intercontinental abilities in the decentralized know-how.

And Ripple Sue Each

Tuesdays raise encompasses the first two tranches of a three-part effort, Cooper explained. I think its a massive vote of confidence, said Charley Cooper, managing director. The first two were reserved for members that joined R3 in 20The early members voted to let in Intel and Temasek, a Singapore-based sovereign fund.