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Exchange platform, key words: safety, decentralization, low fee, anonymity, scalability. So its exciting to know that right now Asch is being implemented in other projects besides the main one, because that will bring more and more people to the platform.

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And what does Asch has to offer? Username, email, password, confirm Password, register using a Social Network, we'll never post to Twitter or Facebook without your permission. As a result, social media based on the main-chain distributed technology is a trend of future development. Asch name comes from Application Side-Chain.

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Furthermore, through the use of the built-in token mechanism, a complete and positive-feedback value incentive economic system will be established so as to promote the development of the entire ecosystem. Nevertheless, what I have seen in them isnt just awards and excellency, but also a human side, like these picture of some people of the team celebrating a local holiday.

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And if you have been for a while, its quite probable that you have already got some profits. How could bitcoin be so big without anyone knowing the real identity of its creator? We'll never post to Twitter or Facebook without your permission.

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Dont forget to check their webpage ( their medium page ( m AschPlatform or their subreddit ( m/r/Asch_Platform/ )! Also, like many of you already noticed, Asch is compatible with JavaScript, and this fact alone increases the chances of more and more people developing with Aschs tech, due to JavaScript popularity. IP Copyright protection, key words: tractability, value incentive, the popularity of the IP economy has made many peopole aware of the importance of IP, and IP mostly comes from literary works, which highlights the importance of copyright.

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However, through the use of the decentralization feature of the blockchain, the most interesting news in the community can be selected through the help of the group wisdom of the users. But also to many other people out there, 2017 was also the year they started trading and investing in crypto. Market, last Price, price USD 24hr Vol 24hr Vol USD, vol.