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Tap, report, choose from the following: I dont want to be in this group. Downloaded the app on my Android phone, created an account, and it took me about 2 minutes to understand how the app works, it's so simple and intuitive. What you can do to help us address the situation: Please contact your local law enforcement agency and report the inappropriate incident(s if you haven't already done so, and ask them to send an email to with the subject line "Law Enforcement Inquiry" for more information. You can check off/on the option to include the chat history in your report. whats concerning to many parents and internet safety experts is that Kik is anonymous.

What should parents know about Kik?

The app can be installed on iPod touch and iPad devices as well as smart phones. The survival of the Kik messaging app may ultimately depend on the project being a success. This means that the person messaging you won't know you've seen the message unless you tap Chat to start chatting. Two of the top five internal apps are Flirt!, which gives you a list of users in your age range to, well, flirt with, and Match Chat, a Tinder-for-Kik that lets you swipe left or right on users and chat with the people who swipe.

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They're chatting seemingly privately and feel there is no way anyone else can see.'. So, whoever thinks Kik is dead, I'd give that a second thought. Now, Livingston said that the company has made good progress building its own blockchain for Kin, a hybrid of Ethereum and Stellar, two open-source cryptocurrencies.

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As a parent, I would be very wary of a child of mine using an anonymous messaging app, he says. Kik isn't designed to create bad behavior, but that happens on anonymous apps.

Kik has become the defacto app for child predators, according

That can be applied in a bunch of ways, but most of those ways, you still need trust, he said. You dont need to link your account to a phone number, and you dont need to use your real name.

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The birds and the bees talk is one and done. Its a rough environment for young people to. 'Kids are always going to be a step ahead of us in terms of the sites they're going to be on, parents can't be blocking and banning everything Ms Oglethorpe said.