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In most cases, that means add PayPals.9 to eBays 10 final value fee, for a total.9. Enterprise Store: 100,000 fixed-price items and 2,500 qualifying auction listings. From the creators of m (one of the leading eBay/PayPal calculator sites)!

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1 International Fee, picture Hosting # of pictures. 8.15 for eBay Motors Automotive Tools Supplies categories and most eBay Motors Parts Accessories categories. Next, tally any percentages charged on the sale price. International Site.25 -.00, listing Designer.30 Bold.00 Subtitle.50 Featured First.95 Value Pack.00 Second Category Doubles fees Scheduled Listings.10 Store Upgrade Cost Gallery Plus.00 International Site.50 Listing Designer.30 Bold.00 Subtitle.50 Featured First.95 Value.

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At least, not on the cost of each item sold. PayPal or Other Payment Processing Short version: Whether youre accepting payment by credit card or PayPal, you can expect your payment processor to take a fixed fee and a percentage out of every transaction. Auction Upgrade Cost, gallery Plus.35, international Site.10 -.40, listing Designer.10.

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These usually consist of both a percentage and a fixed fee per transaction. Terms and Conditions of Use. PayPal fixed fee:.30. Make sure your margins are healthy enough to cover these expenses as well. Maybe you should think about changing the category as well.

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Yet if you just increase your price to 44, that wont cover the whole final value fee10 of 44.40, so you still lose.40 to the final value fee. But you can also adjust your listing to offer other payment methods - read more here.

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Buy It Now.05 -.25, second Category. Following is a quick overview of what you might have to pay on each sale. Item Cost (Cost to acquire: enter the amount initially paid for the item.) True S H Cost. Advanced Final Value / Payment Processing Fee Calculation Short version: If you want your customers to cover the cost of selling on eBay, calculate the price you will charge as "x" using the following formula: x (total percentage fees * x) total fixed fees amount you. Not to mention your PayPal fee just went up an extra.12!