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The following current denominations that have changed in size and or shape. On the cupronickel coin is text in Chinese lettering. They are Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ; the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited ; and the Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited. Sponsored by, a Bitcoin-accepting, vPN.

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It is subdivided into 100 cents. Skin; slang term) ( Cantonese Yale : giyh 10,000 (lit. In this unique linked exchange rate system, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hkma) authorises the three note-issuing banks (hsbc, Bank of China and Standard Chartered) to issue new banknotes provided that they deposit an equivalent value of United States dollars with the hkma. The total value of coins in circulation in Hong Kong can be found. Hong Kong also has huge deposits of US dollars, with official foreign currency reserves of US361 billion as of March 2016.

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Since 1825, it had been the policy of the British government to introduce sterling silver coinage to all of its colonies, and to this end, in 1845 the Spanish and Mexican 8 reales coins were set at a legal tender value of 4 shillings,. Quantity 2 Hong Kong Dollars coin, hong Kong Dollar coins, you get:.11 1 HKD.05411. 50 Cents coin Hong Kong (Queen Elizabeth II) Hong Kong Dollar coins The nickel-brass coin of 50 cent from Hong Kong has the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side.

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Starting in 1993, prior to the establishment of the hksar, coins with Queen Elizabeth II 's portrait were gradually withdrawn from circulation. 5 But just as in the case of the British North American colonies, the attempts to introduce the sterling coinage failed to overcome the strong local adherence to the silver Spanish dollar system. In that year, Hong Kong, shortly after China, abandoned silver and introduced a crawling peg to sterling of 1 HK15.36 to HK16.45. However, in August 1942, the rate was changed to HK4 to 1 yen. The five silver coins are individually engraved with a phrase and symbol of traditional blessing.

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200 anyone who makes or possesses or controls or passes any counterfeit note or coin commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for up to 14 years. Retrieved The total sum is 200 because each currency trade always involves a currency pair.

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Banknotes edit Main article: Banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar Banknotes circulated by four different note issuers The issue of Hong Kong dollar notes is governed today by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (hkma the governmental currency board of Hong Kong. In 1994 the hkma gave authority to the Bank of China to issue notes. Under the Currency Ordinance of 1935, banknotes in denominations of 5 dollars and above issued by the three authorised local banks, the Mercantile Bank of India Limited, the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, were all. Big bull ; refers to a picture of a bull on the note in pre-war) ( Cantonese Yale : gmngu 1,000 ( lit.

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Click on each type to view images. It was from this point in time that the concept of a Hong Kong dollar as a distinct unit of currency came into existence. Big cracker; refers to its circular shape) ( Cantonese Yale : chu/du/tu 10 ( lit. The neat bonding between the outer and inner rings gives it another unique feature.