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Opting In, c4 provides information controls that allow individuals to choose the capacities in which their information is used. Whats Holding You Back? More About The Certified Bitcoin Professional Exam. In the US, The Digital Currency Council (DCC) is offering one certification reserved for professionals who have mastered digital currencies.

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I DO NOT trade OR ACT AS escrow ON this forum ever. Grab this totally risk free opportunity to become a Certified Bitcoin Professional. Government-issued identification documents (such as drivers licenses and/or passports) may be reviewed by C4 staff, affiliates, partners, or subsidiaries for the purpose of identifying candidates writing exams at testing facilities.

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The DCC website also shows a Hire a DCC Certified Professional link but requires at least an Explorer (free) membership to view. C4 will make every reasonable effort to remove personal information from its active systems where requested and to no longer use the information actively. Bitcoin Basics, bitcoin Community, bitcoin Addresses and Keys, bitcoin Transactions.

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You can gain an overview of this certification on the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium website! Description, certified Bitcoin Professional: Practice Exam Questions - is the only online resource packed with 175 practice exam questions, preparing you to pass the Certified Bitcoin Professional Exam! This document outlines what information is collected, when and how it is collected, how it is used once collected, with whom the information is shared and under what circumstances. Also keep in mind that a number of these resources will provide information beyond the section they are found in, and beyond the scope of the Certified Bitcoin Professional.

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Example usage includes adding a successfully certified individual to a list of certified individuals, verifying whether or not an individuals name is present on a list of certified individuals, and informing individuals when their name is due for removal from a list of certified individuals. These copies may be retained until the copy has been replaced by a more recent backup that no longer contains the personal information. Furthermore, information regarding payments made to C4 via cryptocurrency networks (i.e. C4 will also assume that the contents of the email were intended as private, and that no consent has been given to C4 to reproduce or share the content with any 3rd party. To that end, C4 has taken care to ensure that the collection, dissemination, and use of all personally identifiable information is clearly understood.