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Ask a Computer Expert, Get an Answer asap! At the bottom of that page they also give you a link to a contact form. 3, type your key word into the search field and click the search button. Windows Vista For Dummies, eventually, youll need to find a lost e-mail among the hundreds (thousands?) in your e-mailbox. This information includes your name and Yahoo!

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And on occasion, information is lost. Only your email service provider (ESP) can help you regain access to an email account. If your ESP is able to help you regain access, you can then request a password reset link for your Dropbox account. Enter your new email address.

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First Im going to point you at an article I have called, How do I contact customer service for m? Hi guys, is there any reason why i cant connect a gmail account with outlook, any version.

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Contact your email service provider, if you've lost access to your email address (due to a lost password, or any other reason we recommend that you try contacting your email service provider (ESP) to regain access to your email account. This ensures that the parcel arrives at the proper destination within the standard delivery time. Customer: no JA: What email provider are you using (e.g. It provides a meticulous search through all your folders when you follow these steps: 1Choose Find from the Edit menu and select Message. Viet - Computer Tech, computer Technican, bacheloru0027s Degree 969 satisfied customers.

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Then click in Windows Mails Search box in the upper-right corner. ID information about the message lost or deleted and your contact information. This is your keyword. You might check your internet connection or whether your memory is full. Do they do further damage?

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My old emails have disappeared from my Hotmail/m account. There are only three known ways to actually delete emails in Gmail: Marking an email as spam, then emptying that folder. 3Click Find Now when youre done filling out the boxes.

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To know if this is the issue affecting your account, try signing in to your Dropbox account again, and comparing the message you see to this error message. The only way to recover that email at this point is to contact the sender and request them to send it to you again. Ultimately, there are no people to talk to and no emails to send, but there is a website that you can go to that has a lot of frequent scenarios.