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To mitigate abuse from throwaway accounts, a minimum of 20 comment karma 10-days account age is required for participation. The original addressee of the mail (To: address) is left under the impression that communication is proceeding between the known parties, and is knowingly kept unaware of others participating in the primary communication. Tron (TRX) -.81B -.06. Why was a fork necessary to create.

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Bitcoin Cash is usually represented by the ticker symbol BCH. Lead by example and treat others as you would wish yourself to be treated. Mod News: All comedy submissions will now be removed and redirected to /r/CryptoCurrencyMemes. Will Bitcoin Cash ever have SegWit? Anyone who held Bitcoin at the time.

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Do not fall victim to the Bystander Effect and think someone else will report. These two very different visions for Bitcoin are largely incompatible, which led to the community divide. Dubious discuss References edit Stout, Chris.

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access-date requires url ( help ) NewsBank record number External links edit. Courtesy edit The interpretation of " Bcc as "blind courtesy copy" is a backronym and not the original meaning; the historic RFC 733 has an explicit "blind carbon" annotation in its definition of the Bcc : header field syntax. Is, bitcoin Cash different from 'Bitcoin'? If you wish to have your subreddit or website listed in our sidebar, please review our sidebar listing policy first.

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