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Intuition, a feel for the markets, is the natural by-product of having done the necessary work to put together a trading strategy and trading plan that enables you to approach the markets with a sense of relaxed confidence confidence that you have the necessary tools. Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine. Zen trading the trend in short: Find a situation with the odds in your favor.

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Because the simple truth is that when it comes to the currency markets, we dont know. Of course, with a little help from the best friend of every trader, the stop loss. Mumon, that" from the collection of Zen koans, The Gateless Gate, is basically saying that as long as your mind is clear, and open to accepting the truth as it is revealed, then you can successfully handle whatever may come along. Profitable trading relies on strategy, process, and discipline. There just has to be some local strength.

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Awareness is the greatest agent for change. But a consistent trader knows not to depend on the trading book author or the lead trader in the prop firm.

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When you trade: Are you following your rules? They are just not so outstanding that it is clear that one should concentrate on just them. Note that the penny stock explosion (E) needs some adaption to the stop method, because markets may be illiquid and the software robot (B) has the stop loss built into its algorithm, perhaps indirectly or probabilisticly.

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Long living market sync for you,. And later they are cashing in on their investment. Anonymous With some technical trading knowledge and experience, you become a trader.

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They keeping adding tools and tricks to their trading framework. One trader likened this intuitive sense to essentially the same experience we have upon first meeting someone If you meet someone and feel an immediate, strong liking for them, that first impression usually turns out to be right, and as you get to know them. Some typical patterns of private market warriors look like these: Investors burn themselves sitting on positions deep in the red and waiting for the holy recovery.

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(I hate the fact that somewhere along the way I lost my supercool Zen teacher robe black cotton, with the characters for Tao and Chan embroidered on the back in white. But they survive, on their own. Aim for a strict trading routine. But prices are still moving like they do in other markets.