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Near-open central unrounded vowel is a post-vocalic allophone of (mostly dorsal) varieties of /r/. Morciniec Prdota (2005 :5152, 59, 78, 84) See the x-ray tracing of /t/ in Ladefoged Maddieson (1996 :184 based on data from Wängler (1961). In Austria, intervocalic /b, d, / can be lenited to fricatives. Such persons apparently have to picture the spellings of the words in question, which impedes the flow of speech. Articles and prepositions) are absent from children's speech when they first begin to combine words.

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When stops occur between two nasals (one being syllabic they may be replaced by a glottal stop though they still determine the nature of the nasal. 45 /r/ has a number of possible realizations: Voiced apical coronal trill/tap r, either alveolar (articulated with the tip of the tongue against the alveolar ridge or dental (articulated with the tip of the tongue against the back of the upper front teeth). Non-prevocalic /r/ and /r/ may also merge, but the vowel chart in Kohler (1999) shows that they have somewhat different starting points - mid-centralized open-mid front for the former, open-mid front for the latter. Treten kick depending on back or front vowel contexts." He also notes that is devoiced after voiceless plosives and fricatives, especially those within the same word, giving the word treten as an example. Consider the word umschreiben.

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Sound changes edit Sound changes and mergers edit A merger found mostly in Northern accents of German is that of / (spelled ä, äh) with /e/ (spelled e, ee, or eh). Note that the audio file contains the whole fable, and that it was recorded by a much younger speaker.

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Beeren ben 'berries' are not. A b Moosmüller, Schmid Brandstätter (2015 :340). Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, ISBtt, Susan; van de Vijver, Ruben; Höhle, Barbara (2006 "The effect of phonotactic constraints in German-speaking children with delayed phonological acquisition: Evidence from production of word-initial consonant clusters" (PDF Advances in Speech Language Pathology, 4, 8 : 323334, doi :.1080. Note that Laut lat is the German word for 'sound, phone '. Warszawa: Wiedza Powszechna, isbn Wiese, Richard (1996 The Phonology of German, Oxford: Oxford University Press, isbn Further reading edit Canepari, Luciano (2014 German Pronunciation Accents (1st.