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First, download the appropriate file for your operating system. Multipool offers many different cryptocurrency options, but McKenna offers a word of warning: "Low prices and very low difficulty on most SHA-256 alt chains, combined with profit-switching pools like Multipool, tend to keep altcoin profitability at or below bitcoin's. . And data centers can position themselves in areas where electricity is far cheaper, such as in the Pacific Northwest, with access to hydroelectric and other cost-reducing energy technologies.

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In this guide, we'll take you through all you need to know to start digging up a few litecoins, feathercoins or dogecoins without any costly extra equipment. Modern asic miners sometimes require more power than can be drawn from a typical 15-amp home circuit, making them difficult to host in a home environment. That won't ship until Q1 next year, though, and the difficulty will have risen already by the time that anyone gets to mine with.

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Conversely, joining a pool means that the members, as a whole, will have a much larger chance of solving a block, but the reward will be split between all pool members, based on the number of 'shares' earned. The use of some mining equipment can also be problematic. In this case, the command structure is: Start "path" cgminer - scrypt -o URL:port -u username. But to mine for profit will generally only make sense from the purchase of mining hardware.

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Of the two, a GPU offers far better performance for the cryptographic calculations required. But if prices jumped to 1,000 again at today's difficulty, then things might improve.