Is there a way to identify a merchant on a credit card statement

Article ID: 152, Created: October 2, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Modified: October 2, 2015 at 11:57. In the Transaction Date field, enter the date of the transaction in MM/DD/yyyy format. This phone number should belong to the merchant. If you still cant figure it out, you can call your card issuer. Even in this age of globalisation and digital marketplaces, international conversion rates can still cause some confusion.

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The first thing check is to know the location in which the transaction is being made. Compare account numbers, double check the price, and make note of the business name on the eftpos receipt, as some merchants appear by their registered business name, or parent company name rather than the name on their shopfront, or trading name. If, after all of that, youre still unsure about a particular transaction in your account history, your credit card provider is only a call away!

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I didnt make that transaction springs to mind when you find an odd-looking account among your transaction history. To find this, go your PayPal account and login. Several companies have registered business names that are different to the shopfront or website URL, and a quick web search can clear that up in an instant. If you still dont recognize the charge, follow these steps to look it up: Go to our online lookup tool at m/charge-lookup. If youre not sure whether a transaction is suspicious or not, you might want to run through the following steps.

How do I look up a charge that I don t recognize on my statement?

So the gasoline charge from Exxon might show up as Kwik-E-Mart or show a street address instead. In the Amount field, enter the exact amount of the transaction.

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 In the above example, that's the portion "YourBusinessName". The name on the statement is not always the name shown on the companys website or on signs at a physical location. Registered with the FCA as a small payment institution, firm number 617090.