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Substitute worker with your worker name. First we will need to download some software to mine with. The software options for mining Zcash are: CPU Mining, possible with Nicehash or Minergate. Substitute worker to your worker name. Make sure to also include the port number.

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Bminer -api :1880 bminer -no-timestamps The -logfile option below enables logging to the specific file. Users have complete control and can opt-in to provide others with their view key at their discretion. Next, you will have to ensure you have the correct virtual memory enabled (minimum 16GB).

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Escaping characters in the URI You can follow RFC 1738 to escape special characters (e.g., in the URI. Simply right click to edit in notepad. Here are a few examples of the command lines that mine coins to the specified addresses: To connect to the mining pool over SSL, you can use stratumssl instead of stratum in the URI.

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The Ethereum Stratum protocol whose URI scheme is ethstratum. Substitute with your own DCR address.

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Substitute foo with your username. One option is to use the -dual-intensity argument. For example: Bminer also support mining towards a multi-algorithm pool like miningpoolhub. For this guide we will use the us1-zcash.

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Note that your worker should be registered. The command above will mine towards the username foo, worker name w and password pwd. server, but choose the server closest to you. AMD GPU Mining, if you have an AMD GPU, youll be utilizing Claymores Miner. For me, ill select the US server as shown.

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Once opened, we can set the server address, and your Zcash public address. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash's private transactions hide the sender, recipient, and value of transactions on the blockchain.