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It turned around in early 2018 and peaked to a new high of over 80 at the start of the year. Then a trader can easily buy NEO from any of the exchanges mentioned above. It has a total market cap.5 Billion and within the last 24-hrs around 127 Million NEO has exchanged hands. NEO aims to help asset digitalization through digital identity technology.

Neo (NEO A cryptocurrency that s more than useful!

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EOS: Who will kill Ethereum?

Da told, bloomberg in January 2018. Consider your own circumstances, and obtain your own advice, before relying on this information. This has the potential to both legitimize the NEO platform and alienate it from the western world. Microsoft is using Neo to ensure fast and secure access to its products using NEO as payment. .

Global Coin Report

Just as Ethereum has ERC-20, NEOs platform has an equivalent token standard called NEP-5. Considering the present state of cryptocurrencies all over the world, we can conclude that.

Reasons Why NEO Could Be The Strongest Cryptocurrency Of 2018

Since China is one of the countries most heavily regulating cryptos  and has cracked down on Bitcoin in the past  NEO might be a good hedging option for Bitcoin traders. Users can issue and trade assets on the NEO platform, which distributes tokens to prove ownership of an asset, rather than the asset itself. This might become a problem in the future if NEOs value increases, but exchanges already have their own methods of dividing the coin.

NEO for beginners: A step-by-step guide to NEO and GAS

Since 2009 lots of new cryptocurrency projects have emerged, all based on Satoshis original idea: the blockchain. But NEO already has quantum resistant cryptography.