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Collect by ender2821 (U.S.A. Their approach to building an intuitive interface is based on a few simple guiding principles: Users shouldnt need instructions to get up and running. About Level Trading Field, level Trading Field is a provider of a financial markets technology platform that provides traders with the opportunity to leverage web-based communication channels, research tools and quantitative analysis applications.

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Level Trading Field is built on html5, allowing the tool to be hosted on a dynamic system with a simple and intuitive user interface that resembles a computer desktop. The barrier to entry for traders in emerging markets is simply too high. By creating a platform that provides digestible, quantitative data, the company is working to level the playing field for investors of all kinds.

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During its recently completed beta period, Level Trading Field was able to onboard both retail and institutional customers. This signal is generated within fractions of a second after the economic news is released.

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Now that traders have access to global markets, it presents a massive opportunity for emerging markets. To back up a second, Level Trading Field is a highly interactive, cloud-based quantitative and analytics platform for futures and commodity options (with equities to come in 2017).

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For example, you can set a custom rule in the application so that if crude oil production drops by a certain amount, the platform will generate a buy or sell signal that supplements your trading strategy. To further understand Level Trading Fields parallels to Apple, we asked Lanre Sarumi, the companys CEO, to break down what makes his platform unique.

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CME, cbot, nymex and, comex. Limited to 10 people in a group. CME Group is the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. Each trader with an individual account on the platform has the opportunity to customize the platform to meet their needs, without having to worry about timesharing with other members of their firm.

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Level Trading Field offers all of the advantages of these products news, data, analysis, and more in an intuitive and user friendly interface, but without the high price tag. Heres what we learned: First of all, its free, level Trading Field lowers the barrier to entry by providing traders with professional tools at no cost. In most cases, these platforms require traders to sort through spreadsheets to find data to support trading strategies and are overly complicated. A graph helps identify trends much quicker than a table of data. Additionally, theyve also built their platform on top-tier technology.