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"Ripple's Big Move: Mining Crypto currency with a Purpose". It is commonly used to convert other cryptocurrencies to USD. Another known digital currency exchange was Liberty Reserve, founded in 2006; it let users convert dollars or euros to Liberty Reserve Dollars or Euros, and exchange them freely with one another at a 1 fee. References "All Cryptocurrencies CoinMarketCap".

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2013 21 Active Feathercoin FTC, Peter Bushnell, Brasenose College of Oxford University NeoScrypt C 22 N/A Approx. "Waves Platform on GitHub". Not based on bitcoin.

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This could lead to virtual currencies becoming real digital currencies, or traditional and digital currencies entering the virtual space. Digital currencies are exactly what they sound like: currencies stored and transferred electronically.

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Retrieved September 14, 2017. Association for Computing Machinery. You cannot, however, redeem cards for cash, and while real-money trading is far more extensive than in games like WoW, it is technically prohibited. Many items bind to an account upon acquisition; since this restricts the free flow of goods, the net effect of such restrictions is to reduce the scope of the games economy.

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2014 Active NEM XEM UtopianFuture (pseudonym) SHA3-512 Java 47 POI The first hybrid public/private blockchain solution built from scratch, and first to use the Proof of Importance algorithm using EigenTrust reputation system. "Litecoin spikes to 200m market capitalization in five hours". "Bitcoin and the age of bespoke silicon" (PDF).