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The Italian Lira is no longer in use; they switched to the Euro as their currency. Cyprus and, malta, the words lira and pound were used as equivalents, before the euro was adopted in 2008 in the two countries.

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There are a few major banks and other agencies that will redeem obsolete currency but unless you have a large quantity of lira it's probably not worth. She had inherited the house following her uncle's death. Tags : inflation money, Turkey, Turkish Lira, valuation Mario Van Poppel Mario Van Poppel is the founder and director of Leftover Currency. About.5 British pounds. Per 1 Million old Turkish lira you will receive.15 pounds.

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Haul: Ms Moretti lives in Pesaro which is on the Adriatic coast. The lowest valued currency in the world. Maybe that's why the note is rare.

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KM#75b, 20 Centesimi Coin -.8., Savoy shield within head facing right - 1 coin dated from. Coins still being minted for circulation at the time of the changeover to euro (in 20 only lire for collectors coins sets were minted) were: 5 1 lira (0.05 cents, only for collectors) 2 lire (0.10 cents, only for collectors) 5 lire (0.26 cents, only.

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In 1943 the AM- lira was issued, in circulation in Italy after the landing in Sicily on the night between 9 and After 1946, the AM- lira ceased to be the currency of employment and was used along with normal notes, until June 3, 1950. 100 lira is worth.07 (7/100) of a euro. Useful information relating to the Turkish. See the link below for the most recent conversion. Lira, coin World War.98, buy It Now, the coin is from Italy - The Kingdom of Italy - KM#77b - Italian.

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Between 19, zone B of the Free Territory of Trieste used the Triestine lira. As of this moment (April 20, 2017 @ 10:46 CDT currency conversion calculators are saying that 202000 Turkish Liraequal (in USD. Using that information and the current (as of )conversion rate of Euros to Dollars (100 Euros 104.39 70,000 ITL x 1 EUR/1936.27 ITL x 104.39/100 EUR.74 The lira has not been in use since 2002. If you have a single 250,000 lira bank note, that is the old lira.

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It was at par with the Italian lira under the terms on the concordat with Italy. Lira WAS worth.013 and devalued.012.:.013 -.0.12.001 is how much it devalued. When Euro comes in Italy, the conversion rate was of 1936,27 lire for 1 euro. Lira and Quavo started dating from January 2016 and parted in March 2016.