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Am I required to use text message authentication? Download LastPass, authenticator to your mobile device. Now, log out of your Google account and then log back. Once enabled, the authenticator application will generate a unique, random code. . If you backup codes have been compromised in any way, click Get New Codes to generate a new list of codes.

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The Save your backup codes dialog box displays with a list of 10 backup codes. It uses two different forms of identity: your password, and a contact method (also known as security info). You can find more details in this thread. Nice app, fails to authenticate QR code throwing an error when trying to initiate the app. Can I use authenticator on multiple devices?

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It displays a code that changes every thirty seconds. You dont need to remember this password; you can always create a new one later. At this time text message authentication is not compatible with Quicken or QuickBooks. . I thought requiring a secondary/backup text message number was a great touch just in case you ever lose your phone.

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  After you log into Online Services, go to the Service Center and select Manage Text Message Authentication. . You can use this number to receive an authentication code if you ever lose access to the Google Authenticator app or reformat your device. If an app password gets compromised, you can revoke it on this page, by clicking Revoke next to the app name in the list.

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Rating:4/5 5/19/2016 Binh Work well on Windows 10 Please support PIN Protection when launching app 1-10 of 24 reviews Previous Next). Add your unique authenticator key by either opening the authenticator application and scanning the displayed barcode, or enter the Manual Key displayed. Before setting the RuneScape authenticator onto your RuneScape account you first of all need to make sure you have a secure email registered to the account.

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You may modify the frequency that you will be issued security challenges during the login process by selecting Manage Challenge Frequency from the Service Center. . Enter the code from the Authenticator app on the Set up Authenticator dialog box and click Verify. Please visit our authenticator page to begin the process. The RuneScape authenticator is only as secure as your email.

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System Default - This is the Woodforest Online Services default that challenges you anytime we feel it is necessary for your security. What if I have several mobile phone numbers enabled for text message authentication? Glad they released a Windows Phone app. What if I receive an error code when entering my six digit code?