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Doctors around the world have always had a passion for collecting and assembling coin collections. "The Kaiser has betrayed us he told Leyds. Mediator edit retorius, who became the Transvaal's first President in 1857 Marthinus Pretorius hoped to achieve either federation or amalgamation with the Orange Free State, but before he could contemplate this he would have to unite the Transvaal. Many say that this is just a legend, but we at OIN believe that the coins and the gold are out there somewhere! Kruger was returned as Commandant-General with a large majority.

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President Kruger and the Mint Assayer had a problem. Buy a Metal Detector South Africa and search for yourself! When Commandant-General Piet Potgieter of Zoutpansberg was shot dead, Kruger advanced under heavy fire to retrieve the body and was almost killed himself. R94 342.00 in silver coins were also minted.

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Kruger left the Transvaal by rail on 11 September 1900he wept as the train crossed into Mozambique. Jacob's children dropped the umlaut from the family name, a common practice among South Africans of German origin, and over the following generations Kruger's paternal forebears moved into the interior.

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Back in Pretoria Kruger introduced a draft law to give the mining regions four more seats in each volksraad and fix a seven-year residency period for voting rights. Queen Victoria was greatly concerned that her grandson, the Kaiser, would step in and help the Boers. In July Pieter Grobler, who had just negotiated a treaty with King Lobengula of Matabeleland, was killed by Ngwato warriors on his way home; Kruger alleged that this was the work of "Cecil Rhodes and his clique". It is probably one of the most extensively traveled coins in the world, having had homes in the United States, United Kingdom, Egypt and South Africa. In late 1897 Joshua Slocum, who was attempting to become the first to sail single-handedly around the globe, disembarked in Cape Town and was presented to Kruger in Pretoria.

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On reaching Schoemansdal, which was under threat by the chief Katlakter, Kruger and his officers resolved that holding the town was impossible and ordered a general evacuation, following which Katlakter razed the town. Pinetown, South Africa: 30 South Publishers.