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There are still 2/3 of the stocks with positive PMO readings. Historical and current end-of-day data provided by SIX Financial Information. The point is that reversals and crossover actions can cover a wide range of configurations.

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I want to make sure you are clear on what each indicator window is relaying as I analyze. When price declines, we have negative PMO changes and price declines. The first window is the percentage of SPX stocks with a PMO that is rising. I am often asked first, "What's the difference between the PMO and the macd (or PPO)?" which is usually followed by, "Why do you prefer the PMO?".

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When we see this classic formation, it offers additional reassurance that a tradable top is in place. PMO bottoms and tops suggest that price momentum has shifted direction, so they can provide early flags to price tops and bottoms. All"s are in local exchange time.

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GB00B43G0577, oRD.5P, price Change, change, share Price. They are different time period settings (i.e. Because the macd is unbounded, it is not particularly useful for identifying overbought and oversold levels.".

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Rate of Change ) developed by DecisionPoint to track changes in a trend strength. Finally, as prices roll over from the final top, the PMO turns up again, this time topping after just barely kissing the underside of the 10-EMA.

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The PMO oscillates in relation to a zero line. While the.5 to -2.5 is the usual range for broad stock market indexes, each price index will have its own signature range.