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Anons were early supporters of the global Occupy movement and the Arab Spring. "Information was forwarded to law enforcement and subsequently a total of 17 arrests were made and a terror cell disrupted.".

Online vigilante linked to Anonymous takes down 20 of the dark

151 AnonSec group also claimed gaining access of a Global Hawk Drone of nasa, and released some video footage purportedly from the drone's cameras. AnonOps admin Christopher Weatherhead (alias "Nerdo a 22-year-old who had reportedly been intimately involved in organising DDoS attacks during "Operation Payback 210 was convicted by a UK court on one count of conspiracy to impair the operation of computers in December 2012. At the time, Anonymous allegedly hacked the firms website, posted a message on its website, downloaded thousands of emails and took control of the CEO's Twitter account. However, by mid-year, they were drawing far fewer protesters, and many of the organizers in IRC channels had begun to drift away from the project.

Anonymous Vigilante Faces 16 Years in Prison for Exposing

If true, the anecdote shows how easily previously allied members of hacktivist groups can be recruited to opposing sides. "Anonymous goes nuclear; everybody loses?". Hackers Hit Scientology With Online Attack. Leyden, John (October 7, 2010). Brown was subsequently charged with 17 offenses, including publishing personal credit card information from the Stratfor hack.

What to Know About the Worldwide Hacker Group Anonymous

The group claims to have no central leadership and that it acts as a collective. . Mills, Elinor (August 6, 2011). Anonymous will not stand this any longer.

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Greenberg, Andy (July 19, 2011). Tflow, Sabu, Topiary, and Ryan Ackroyd (known as "Kayla collaborated in February 2011 on a cyber-attack against Aaron Barr, CEO of the computer security firm HBGary Federal, in retaliation for his research on Anonymous and his threat to expose members of the group. The hack was done in response to news from Thailand about the mistreatment of prisoners in Thailand. In-person protests against the Church continued throughout the year, including "Operation Party Hard" on March 15 and "Operation Reconnect" on April. 32 A portmanteau of "hacking" and "activism" Citations "Gabriella Coleman on Anonymous".

Anonymous speaks to wired about taking on terrorist group Daesh

Thomas, Keir (June 11, 2012). Anyone can stand against the evils of society. . The internet has no neat endings. "bart website hacked, customer info leaked".

Is the hacking group Anonymous a criminal group or a vigilante

Demonstrations were held in 400 cities around the world to coincide with Guy Fawkes Night. Because Anonymous has no leadership, no action can be attributed to the membership as a whole. In Missouri, students attempting to end racial hate speech at their school called for the language to be banned. .