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The hope is the value of Centurion will rise and the affiliate will be able to earn a ROI. Cnt coin holders will have various kinds of compensations through air drop, and can use various content services. To propose and select a new business idea, you need to have cnt coin.

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Whilst you walk and earn, you are not only generating an income, you are contributing to the longevity of our planet and protecting the environment. Of particular note is Centurion Network only accepting bitcoin for investment.

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This leaves no paper trail for affiliates to follow in the event of a collapse. Tough, courageous and highly disciplined, centurions formed the backbone of the Roman army, a formidable fighting force that conquered and controlled a vast empire.

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Total 4,000 coins you can get. The global economic market is established as a solid and strong field. Org) was privately registered on November 16th, 2016. Of course, the initial salary will be paid in CEN. We all have to comply with this economic system.

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Reverse: Depicts a group of Roman centurions fighting a battle against the Gauls. Once Centurion Network collapses, the value of Centurion Coin will also collapse.

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To capture the depth and detail of the design, the coin is struck in high relief to a rimless format, and has been individually antiqued to give it a unique finish conveying the surface abrasions of an ancient artifact. App price is 200 now. Profits after the initiation of the business will be shared with cnt coin holders. We aim to be a good company. Coin Voting, it is used as a voting right when new business item is selected.