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Although Congress considered Jefferson's report, it was not adopted. Spread of the metric system did not occur quickly, and areas that were annexed by France during Napoleon's reign were the first to adopt the metric system.

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Ten dirhems comprised a Wukryeh which was translated into Latin as an "uncia" the origin of the word "ounce.". Conversion calculator, from: To: Different Systems of Units. By the mid-eighteenth century, it was clear to nations who traded and exchanged scientific ideas that standardization of weights and measures was necessary.

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Though many countries used the pound from that point onward, including England (the British pound sterling, or GBP was equal to one pound-weight of silver in King Offa's time the avoirdupois weight system was adopted during the reign of Queen Elizabeth in the 16th century. Fuel economy, fractions to decimals, metric Conversion Factors Chart, this easy-to-use metric conversion table includes standard conversion factors for common units and measurements. As such, the measurement system was only implemented in France, and in 1795, the metric system was formally defined in French law. In 1670, Gabriel Mouton proposed a decimal system that was instead based on the circumference of the earth, an idea supported by other prominent scientists of the time such as Jean Picard and Christiaan Huygens, but that did not take hold for approximately another 100. The conversion is approximate.