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Surface :  Look up and swim to the surface. The monkeys start throwing mud at Mina. Now, inflate the float with the nitrogen tank.

Iamblichus : Theurgia, or the Egyptian Mysteries

A vine forming a gorgeous design grew so fast. This essay will appear in the April issue.

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The rock by Leonard has indentations for different colors. Take off all the burned components. Take hornet larvae from the broken hornet's nest. Look around and see paintings on the cliff wall. Go up and see the mess Jep made in the office.

Return to Mysterious Island 2 : Mina's Fate walkthrough

An option for Jep to work alone is seen. The laser light to be activated should be between you and the jaguar.

The American Republic: Primary Sources - Online Library

Go down the steps. See that the parts of circuit are also burned. Press the button below the panel.

Ben's Cube 1) - List

Discover what happened to Mina. See that the lights are green. Take the plastic envelope and the multiblade knife under the pilot.