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Visa issues: Card problems across UK and Europe as payment

The problems appeared to mainly be with chip and pin transactions. I am out of pocket due to the outage - can I claim? Visa has claimed its payment system is 'currently operating at close to normal levels' - despite customers continuing to report problems. Check your change, do you have a 50p worth up to 5,000? Advised people to keep evidence of extra expenses incurred in order to claim them back in the future.

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Difficulties with payment do not indicate that you have been robbed or your card has been hacked. Mastercard and other credit and debit cards functioned normally. "There is no cash point for miles around and no car as we are on the canal boat.".

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Many Visa cards in Europe aren t working due to a network outage

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Why did Visa card payments go down, what caused the credit and

She said: "I was so embarrassed. The cash out feature on Visa cards appears to still be working. A spokesman said it "fell well short" of its goal to ensure cards work reliably at all times. Users across Britain and Europe experienced difficulty with their cards and massive queues developed at cash machines and shops.

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Many Visa users are complaining of difficulties as a result of the outage, reporting they have been stranded while travelling, are unable to pay for groceries, or are facing large queues at cash machines. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. Racegoers at Epsom saw bars closed as tills were unable to handle payments while tolls on the Severn Bridge failed, leading to traffic backlogs. "The issue was the result of a hardware failure.