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Kirill Kosolapov Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer High-tech developer and researcher focused on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 2,5 million, monthly active users in Ubank and over 200.000 daily active users. For example: "alg "HS256 "typ "JWT" Then, this json is Base64Url encoded to form the first part of the JWT. He has 20 years of experience in global markets and mobile industry.

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It currently numbers 50 developers and top management and advisor talent. Hmac algorithm) or a public/private key pair using. Our token SEE more ICO will be held from 2 April till 14 July Press and media about Ubcoin SEE more Now I'm ready to contribute Contacts Our official channel Our official group hello@ubcoin.

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Source: m, token, dynamics, the MOD, token was sold in September 2017 during modums successful token sale, raising over 13M USD. Token (JWT) is an open standard (. For example, a typical OpenID Connect compliant web application will go through the /oauth/authorize endpoint using the authorization code flow.

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Because JWTs can be signedfor example, using public/private key pairsyou can be sure the senders are who they say they are. Stan has 10 years of experience as CFO including successful fund raising over 400 million and sale of business to a major global investor, Siemens. This makes JWT a good choice to be passed in html and http environments. 16 million, ubank app downloads on Android and iOS. Although JWTs can be encrypted to also provide secrecy between parties, we will focus on signed tokens.

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Towards that end, Ceyron brings the following set of improvements and capabilities to bear. Alexander is the author of - the educational resource for writing smart contracts. Do not put secret information in the payload or header elements of a JWT unless it is encrypted. Since tokens are credentials, great care must be taken to prevent security issues.

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Payload The second part of the token is the payload, which contains the claims. He participated in the Linux Device Drivers Verification Project and implemented more than 50 smart contracts for a variety of ICOs. We believe that, by bringing innovations into the protocol layer to facilitate easy and secure transactions, the application layer to improve user experience, and by injecting commercial and operational expertise could all help to greatly augment the adoption of a decentralized exchange. Additionally, as the signature is calculated using the header and the payload, you can also verify that the content hasn't been tampered with.

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Payload, signature, therefore, a JWT typically looks like the following. Single Sign On is a feature that widely uses JWT nowadays, because of its small overhead and its ability to be easily used across different domains. Security-wise, SWT can only be symmetrically signed by a shared secret using the hmac algorithm.