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If you are using gmail and If you want to improve security of your google account to ensure no one can hack into your account then 2-step verification is the solution that is provided by google for you, and I bet you that it would. There are also some other options like.

Two, factor Authentication for Apple

How to Enable or Disable 2-Step verification? AdWords Editor, email Clients like Microsoft Outlook, Evolutions, etc. Things you should know before setting up 2-step Verification : Some applications that you are using now cannot ask for 2-step verification codes to be entered in that case you have to generate an application specific password and use that application specific password in order. When you open your Other Google Account Settings, Then you can see whether your 2-step verification process is turned on or off.

How to enable or disable two step verification in gmail

Locate the Two-Factor Authentication section where it says the feature is ON, and click the link to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication. When finished disabling two-factor auth you can log out of the Apple ID management website. Some users may benefit from enabling Two-Factor Authentication with Apple ID to further protect and secure their devices and data, but sometimes people decide two-factor auth is too much of a hassle and want to disable the feature. Entering the Code that you receive in your mobile.

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Examples of such applications include: Apps on smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc. Chat clients like Google Talk, AIM, etc. Once two-factor authentication is disabled, you can log in to Apple ID from anywhere, whether on the web, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Mac, anywhere, with only a password again, you wont need to double authenticate with a trusted device code. In these case as said, you need to use application specific password instead of your account password and it is an easy process to generate an application specific password and you can generate as many as you want.

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The two steps in process. Open any web browser on any computer and go to m, log in to the Apple ID you want to disable two factor authentication for, you may need to use two factor auth to gain access to the account. Settings Accounts and import Other Google Account Settings. Remembering the browser in device for next 30 days so that you need not enter the code as part of 2-step as the device is registered for 30 days. You can set up a back up code so that you can enter the back up code when your mobile is not reachable or for any other reasons.

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Whether or not to use two-factor authentication is largely a matter of personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer here. Google Account Settings Page by just clicking on the link or you can access from Gmail by opening. When you want to use such applications like Gtalk you have to create application specific passwords. So, By Opting in to this 2-step verification you have to enter password as well as the code that is instantly received to your mobile when you are trying to login into your gmail account. Disabling Two-Factor Authentication on Apple.