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This website does not provide full, detailed information on products and services, investment recommendations, or legal or financial advice; nor does it imply any pre-contractual or contractual relationship. Crdit Andorr Asset Management Luxembourg accepts no liability for use or bad faith in the use of this website. Assets that could be retired are retained; valuable assets which warrant closer monitoring may receive less scrutiny. Difficulty in tracking hardware assets and software licenses. The extensive features of this IT asset management software provide a proven solution to help you proactively manage the lifecycle of your assets.

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When organizations lack a strong central management solution that spans physical and virtual hardware and software assets, it is likely that available IT assets are underutilized. The right software asset management solution can help you simplify the cost, complexity and compliance equation around managing software assets, so you can focus less on day-to-day operations and more on bringing value to the business. Business consumers, power users and decision makers are provided with a modern self-service user experience where they can view their IT assets, request new assets and services, collaborate with other users and resolve issues in a single place. Administrating vendor contracts may become more difficult and audit risk may increase.

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This website is intended for users' personal use, and it is forbidden to reproduce, adapt, combine or copy all or part of the website without prior express permission from Crdit Andorr Asset Management Luxembourg. Organizations face many challenges to improving IT asset management such as: Poor visibility into available hardware assets and software assets. We want you to get the most out of your IT assets while enabling stock-on-hand-inventory fulfillment.

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Access to this website is governed by these general terms and conditions in compliance with Luxembourg law. Use of this website implies acceptance of the terms and conditions in this legal notice. Our IT asset management software determines what youre paying in hardware and software fees to help you optimize your cost structure and reallocate underutilized assets. This robust IT solution also helps improve service delivery by supporting the automated review, approval and fulfillment processes for hardware and software requests. Please note that the names, designs, brands and logotypes on this website are the property of Crdit Andorr Asset Management Luxembourg and are registered and duly protected by law.