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The iPro Network website provides no information about where the company is based out. The only buyers and therefore users of Pro Coin are speculative affiliate investors investing thousands of dollars. According to Leto, iPro Network is based in the UK and has a US MLM attorney who will be publicly displayed on their (iPro Networks) website. This is likely to be in a country with little to no regulation of foreign companies. Carlos Contreras is the cited project founder of Pro Commerce.

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All theyre worried about is losing their money and the value of their OneCoin points. Fortunately having to go through that many hoops to join an MLM opportunity sets off alarm bells in all but the most determined Ponzi scammers. My Pro Coin - Easy Counter

Positions in the binary team are filled via direct and indirect recruitment of new iPro Network affiliates. The Achilles Heel of every MLM altcoin is usability of the coin outside of the income opportunity. At the time of publication there is no mention of an attorney, US or otherwise, on the iPro Network website. And so recruitment of affiliates in the US ground to a halt.

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Note that weekly residual binary commissions are capped, based on how much an affiliate invested when they signed up: Basic affiliates are capped at 500. Alexa currently estimate that 94 of all traffic to the iPro Network website originates out of the. That is to say while it looks like youre paying for goods and services in Pro coin, on the backend iPro Network are sending fiat currency to merchants. As per iPro Network affiliate communications, shell companies used to launder funds into OneCoin from the US are now being repurposed for iPro Network investment.

Is iPro, network a proxy for OneCoin's US Ponzi scammers?

US residents were still being recruited into the scheme. What you may have seen on Facebook and the internet even a video last weekend of our OneLife CEO Pablo Munoz making a statement at last weekends Sweden conference that OneCoin will not be introduced into the United States. Joining iPro Network iPro Network affiliate membership is 50 plus a fixed investment in one of the following five packages: Basic 100 Intermediate 500 Accelerated 1500 Advanced 2500 Professional 5500 The primary difference between the investment packages is income potential via the iPro Network compensation. Dont have to start over, just pick up where they left off as an exit strategy. Networking side (within OneCoin Building and recruiting.