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Keep up the good work! If the other country has signed on to and implemented the Convention, that country normally allows personal service of documents on a person living in their country. Please allow me to Compliment you on a Fantastic Service. All youll need is the address of a loved one.

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If someone is represented by a lawyer, the lawyers address will often be their designated address. This service is not always available in every court and may be different in each court site. If the country where the other party lives has not signed onto any special agreement with Canada for serving documents, you may need to file an application with the court to get a judges permission to serve the documents and for directions on the method. (Again, that would identify the person who pays the Internet service monthly bill, but not every individual who might have access to that account.).

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You should check with the lawyer to make sure they will accept service of the documents. As an expatriate I have used several expatriate mail and mail box rental companies.

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That is, it doesn't know WHO is using a certain IP addressthey can only find out, in general, where that computer. What does service of documents mean? Last updated on May 2, 2017 - 4:00pm Yes, you can hire someone to do this work. There may also be requirements about the language that the documents have to be written.  You will need to check to see if there is a bilateral agreement between Canada and the country where the other person(s) on your file lives if the country is not listed on the Convention.

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All services are provided with the highest level of professionalism at a very affordable price. These types of proceedings include: those filed on an urgent or emergency basis. The court mails them a package, sometimes called a 'respondent's package.' This package usually contains: copies of the documents the applicant filed with the court blank documents that the respondent is required to file a notice telling the respondent by what date they have to file their documents. Address Me: Everything Needed to Send a Piece of You.