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And never for one second did I realize that as I snapped years of my familys life, I failed to snap any of mine. And joked at how smokin hot she was, if my sons would be able to find a picture of me like this someday. Did you hear that? My thing Now what I need everybody to do right now Is to get your cameras out Either your camera phone or your Sony Or whatever you gonna do And I'ma pose so you can get a snap, snap Get a, get a snap, snap.

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Under when I rock with ten summers. Sign up using Facebook, sign up using Email and Password.

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This is just a preview! I ain't talkin' 'bout a measly 100 grand. As the mom, I suddenly became the family archivist, snapping photographs of our lives here and there, day after day, year after year. Is a picture of me on a beach on my honeymoon. . So I need y'all to get your cameras out, right now.

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It was her in the backyard relaxing in the sunshine. The gift is not only this amazing picture, it is a lesson in picturing ME in my life. Where were all us kids? Was this article helpful?