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They typically will handle filing with the IRS as well. IRS guidelines, business services only, another important requirement to know: 1099-miscs only need to be sent for services provided for a business, not for goods or merchandise. See our full H R Block Review for a complete analysis. The 1099 deadline (specifically 1099-misc) is January 31, 2018.

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Moving money from a traditional IRA to a, roth IRA, taking an early distribution to buy a house. IRS tax forms to help you know if you need them, and how to use them. Mudryk "This is a great tool, especially for the price and literally saved me hours of manual data entry." -.

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Exemption codes (Line 4) Another purpose of the Form W-9 is to document a payee's status as exempt if the "eyeball test" cannot be used. The at-a-glance help feature gives you real-time advice and commentary as you work through your tax return. If this is not the information youre looking for, this phone number is not worth anything unless you press 0 twice.

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TurboTax users can even respond to questions in the AnswerXchange, allowing fellow users to share collective knowledge. Fortunately, there is a way around this situation. Our most popular option! This tax summary will have a breakdown of your annual earnings and business-related expenses.

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For instance, during the 2014 tax year, I moved across state lines and therefore filed two state tax returns. While there are nearly two dozen variations on form 1099, the most common ones are 1099-INT, 1099-R, and SSA-1099. The reporting threshold for 1099-Ks is much higher than for 1099-misc.

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It has always been my cheapest option, and its functionality has improved significantly over the years, such that its nearly (but not quite) on par with TurboTax and H R Block. Jay @ RSG The following two tabs change content below. Hire a CPA or professional tax advisor: They can help determine whether you have a reporting obligation for payments made to contractors and may prepare the forms for you.

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Any suggestions we missed? Plus, its backed by a network of more than 10,000 brick-and-mortar tax prep locations. H R Block is one of the most popular online tax preparation programs.