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Other features that will now show platinum once selected are Signature Export and Inventory worth. That money is then funneled into other projects rather than being used to make Gaia Online a website with a viable future.

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There is now a minimum of 10m gold when trading. The crafting cost of formulas has been updated so that if you have platinum as your preference, it will convert the display, with a minimum of costing one platinum.

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Deductions from the guild account will remain as is, irrespective of currency preference. Your gold currency shown will now show completely in platinum once you have selected platinum.

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New accounts should default to platinum. 1 point of GCash is roughly equivalent to 65 Gaia Gold in the Gaia stores. A personal apology was given by L0cke (a co-founder of Gaia where he thanked the user for their dedication to the site. Gold Currency User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Donations to the guild should be handled properly, whether on gold or platinum.

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A great start to earning your Rixty codes to use in Gaia Online. Gaia Gold info, topic, celebrate the New Year with Free Gaia Gold! Is it like 10 per mill? Why was Platinum created? Here below is a quick selection table with links to all individual product family pages.

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Marketplace for avatars, homes, and cars. 9 comments 57 Upvoted, sort by, community Details. Hyperinflation in Gaia Online Know Your Meme 3 When you buy the item, sell it on the marketplace around the lowest marketplace price. You will know based on the symbol by the amount shown.