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In one video the German letter ß is counted as an umlaut, for example. Teachers and learners can ask questions about the objects. Detailed reading or reading aimed at grasping the general meaning practice of receptive skills.

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Create episodes of situated learning: Thanks to its wide range of possible uses, mobile phones can support situated learning. This could for example include documenting the teaching outcome with a mobile device (with camera function) and various apps, such as Evernote, to save and reuse digital artefacts. Much can be achieved, especially in terms of motivation, by using popular media. View the video here, having watched these films, hopefully youre now feeling inspired and have some ideas that you want to take forward in your school. Instead, the new technologies should serve as a didactic addendum to the face-to-face lesson, allowing analogue and digital learning to dovetail with formal and informal learning in a beneficial manner.

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Smartphones, tablets and the like will certainly not replace face-to-face teaching nor teachers. Then the photograph, together with the written comments, is sent to the classmate who is ill.

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Care should also be taken with non-institutional learning videos, however. There is space in each section to record you notes and thoughts. In this final clip, we look at some simple ideas to help ensure success.

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The various Europe-wide laws on data privacy often make it difficult for smartphones to be used in the classroom. Since the non-institutional GFL channels on are very popular, established educational institutions should not view such learning videos as competition. As far as online lessons are concerned, they are suitable as alternative or supplementary learning material.

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This is due to the lack of control and individual feedback. Get Germanized who represents north German language usage, and Katja (.