Make Fire, Spread Fire

This is a video I made a few years ago to illustrate my beliefs about 21st century skills.  In my opinion, it’s not just about teaching the latest digital technologies – it’s also about teaching some of the most time honored skills.  It’s about teaching our students how to make a fire with their bare…


Girls Rock The Capitol Vermont

Every year, Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains invites girls ages 15-18 to join our Girls Rock the Capitol Program as interns! Girls work side-by-side with female State Representatives in Vermont to get a behind-the-scenes look at state government, learn about advocacy, and how to enact change in the world. This year’s program…


Play Again

Link to film Film Resource Analysis                  Student Name ____________________________    Class Block ________ Title and Name of Filmmaker(s): ** Use an additional sheet of paper if you need more space… Your NotesCan you learn from the film? What arguments are made in the film? (Underline) What evidence, examples and/or statistics are given to…


Re-Thinking Grades

Download the PDF   HIGH SCHOOL MAGAZINE March 1999 From Degrading to De-Grading By Alfie Kohn You can tell a lot about a teacher’s values and personality just by asking how he or she feels about giving grades.  Some defend the practice, claiming that grades are necessary to “motivate” students.  Many of these teachers actually…


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How Wolves Change Rivers – Must Watch!

This is such a cool example of how closely connected all living things are.  It teaches us that every plant and animal has a positive role to play (though I’ve yet to be sold on Mosquitos…)


News From CSC – September 10th, 2014

Greetings CSC Parents and Students, I will be sending out CSC Newsletters periodically throughout the year.  The purpose of these newsletters are as follows: Help parents/guardians gain a better understanding of what their children are doing and learning in the class Promote discussions at home about topics explored in the class Showcase student work Communicate…


CSC Documentaries

A Few Places to Find Films: Films For Action Media Education Foundation 10 Other Sites Some Possible Documentaries to Watch: Environmental Issues Do The Math – (Trailer) A Place at the Table – (Trailer) Gasland – (Trailer) Tapped – (Trailer) Water – (Trailer) The Island President – (Trailer) No Impact Man – (Trailer) Dirt! The…


Climate Change Scavenger Hunt

Check out each resource and answer the related question(s)… Teachers can find answers here (you will need a password to access this page, feel free to email me from your school account – 1) What are the key indicators of climate change? 2) What is the current level of Carbon Dioxide in the…


Youth Engaged in Social Research for CVRPC Plan Vermont

As part of this year’s CSC class, students conducted VOX Pop interviews with people in the local community about the future of Central Vermont.  The videos were collected in collaboration with the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission (CVRP). One of the goals of Plan Central Vermont is to “to create an open and engaging public…


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